How to choose the best lawyers?

In today’s article, we ask ourselves: Why is it important to choose a good lawyer? Because all of us, at some point in our lives, sooner or later, will need legal advice, either in the form of legal advice or to take a case to trial. At this point, it is necessary to know how to use a lawyer who is capable of properly looking after our interests. We firmly believe that choosing the best lawyers in Barcelona is an important decision because, without a doubt, it is a professional who must know how to manage our consultation or problems correctly, and with a unique attention and care for each case.

Factors to choose a lawyer

1 – Experience: Pillar number one and, in our opinion, fundamental. Just as we would not allow ourselves to be operated by a surgeon just out of medical school or a pilot who has recently finished school and with no flight experience, only an experienced lawyer can offer the best advice and best care for the interests of all those who come to your practice.

2 – Branch of specialization: There are numerous divisions of the law and when we have any doubt or conflict, the best thing is to consult a professional specialized in your problem. There are lawyers specialized in constitutional law, private international law, criminal law, administrative law, commercial law, civil procedural law or labor law. If we know what kind of consultation we want to make, it is best to approach the lawyer who is most qualified in your area. If we have doubts, it is advisable that before the first consultation we make sure that the professional is specialized in the matter we want to treat.

3 – Geographical proximity: we believe that it will be very useful for you that the interlocutor who defends your rights is close to your habitual residence, since it will not involve much effort if you have to visit it. You will not choose your lawyer because he or she is simply closer to your home, but you will not want the person taking your case to be more than two hours away from home. We advise against this option because during the course of a judicial process in many cases you will need to go to him to visit him, see the evolution of the case or deliver papers.

4 – First consultation: once you have reduced your decision to some law firms that meet your expectations, it is best to consult with those few that generate more confidence. During this first visit, explain your case so that the lawyer can give his or her opinion on your situation, explain the course of action and the possible legal route. This is a vital way to get in touch with your case.

5 – Cost: Once you have completed the visit you should know the fees with all possible scenarios, both positive and negative. Be wary, and very suspicious, if a lawyer offers you prices well below market value. You may save a little bit, but if you lose your case you will have lost a lot of time and money. The price is undoubtedly a differentiating factor and for this reason you should know the fees and demand transparency, but our advice is that you should not be guided only by this factor.